2021.10.26 00:42 lss_mobile_mod_10 Nsnsn

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2021.10.26 00:42 Litini Here's something about me, I like Brave Frontier. With that, I was wondering if any of you have any matchups for this series?

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2021.10.26 00:42 Dark-Acolyte Care turns to hate.

I work at Walmart for now. and this post will only be up for a few hours.
Girl. Works upfront she’s cool and all. Me. Works in a few departments and can’t see her too often but wants to be her friend.
So I’ve tried to walk up and talk but mainly it’s been me giving her gum and being like how are you. Little chat. Leave. A day ago it was bigger. I asked if she was thirsty so I bought her a sprite and a whole pack of gum cause I just do things like that for my friends that’s normal for me. We have called eachother friend a few times. This has gone on for like 2 weeks. But yeah.
And the issue we have is I was like we should call soon if you have the day off as I do.. she did.
Because we would be able to actually fucking talk. Oh yeah btw she has my number.
But no. Today it didn’t happen and I did call her. It didn’t happen and it made me very upset.
Why? Because I have no one. I have no friends. The only friends I have are far away and don’t have time to really be friends with me.
So what do I do.
Because what I thought I would do is:
Not talk to her tomorrow (or the next day or the next or the next) at all. Unless she comes to me. And that’s that.
But I don’t know Thanks
Yes I posted this here on lonely bc we’re lonely and should understand eachother more than others who aren’t.
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2021.10.26 00:42 employee64783 So I work at a graveyard it pays well enough and yeah sure its kinda spooky

At least they won't look for the children here :)
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2021.10.26 00:42 throwayawayjoe Am I investing too much?

I'm 22 years old and recently graduated in March 2021 - I have been working a contract job since.
I will make $32,200 take home this year ($40,000 salary) or $2,680 per month.
My expenses total to $1,680 and I have been investing the remaining $1,000 every month starting in August when I deposited $4,000.
I currently have $7,000 in my TFSA in an Index Fund ETF - this is intended to be for retirement/home purchase in ~10 years.
I currently also have $5,000 in liquid cash in my savings account.
My contract ends March of 2022 (so, in ~4 months) and I don't currently have a full-time position lined up, but have made a great network including my manager who is going to help me find a full-time gig!
Also, I am planning on going on a trip in May 2022 that should cost around $1,500.
Essentially, I have been putting $1,000 into my TFSA for "retirement", but am wondering if I am putting too much in. If I can't immediately get a full-time position when my contract ends in March, I'll only have $2,500 in my savings account on May 1st for my trip and as an emergency fund - this does not sound like a good idea. I also currently do not own a car and may need one in the next 1-2 years depending on my full-time position, and currently have no savings for a car other than what's going in my TFSA (Which, of course, I do not want to touch).
Should I peel back my investing to get my emergency fund more solid and start putting money into a HISA to start saving for a car, or am I on the right track?
Appreciate the help!
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2021.10.26 00:42 Blanked_Memory I mean...Think about it...

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2021.10.26 00:42 veajawad Mathnawi - Maulana Rome (Rumi) - Part 01 - Episode 08 | Audiobook in Ur...

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2021.10.26 00:42 bigfries98 A warning

Anyone squirrel hunting be sure too save regularly had over a hours of progress lost because i wiped in a fight lol. My bad assuming the game regularly autosaved.
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2021.10.26 00:42 Ok-Aioli-3811 who is this man??

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2021.10.26 00:42 StonkSensei89 PALS - Paltalk Army of Long-term Stonkholders Opportunity at Cheap Price

I cannot stress enough to each of my PALS how important it is buy the PALT shares you want to hodl and to make sure your friends go ahead and get theirs too while it is still trading in the single digits. PALT is still trading slightly below the recent offering price and it will not be in the $7s for very long. As PALS cobble together a larger and larger percentage of the free float, it will make it harder and harder for institutional investors to buy positions of size without moving the stock substantially higher. And they will. Paltalk is only just now being discovered by many investors and it will be increasingly difficult to build a substantial position without moving the stock higher. Buy PALT, hodl PALT, download the app, tell your friends to buy the stock and get the app. $7s will look really, really cheap very soon. Don't be kicking yourself for missing the chance to buy down here or kicking yourself for selling at some single digit price. PALT will be heading much higher into the double digits by black Friday if not sooner. Good fortune to all
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2021.10.26 00:42 doccopham178 [Academic] Cosmetic Shopping Habits Survey

Hi everyone, Idk if this is right to post here but I am currently doing a marketing research project on shopping makeup/cosmetics, and I need people to take this quick survey. Anyone can take it and your information will not be shared outside of academic purposes. Thank you. PS: Sorry for not being able to compensate for your participation.
Take Survey Here
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2021.10.26 00:42 Lordtux Looking for roof rack for 2020 RAV4

Hi all just wondering if anyone got a after sale roof rack, and is there a brand to stay away from.
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2021.10.26 00:42 Interesting-Paint-51 Have anyone here ask rider to pay them via apps like cash app, Venmo or Zelle instead of the Uber app? How was it for you?

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2021.10.26 00:42 Clear-Leave-8034 Justice League 2 Pitch

This is a sequel to the Joss Whedon film not the Snyder Cut. Even tho I like the movie, It is unlikely they want him to return.
Justice League of America
So the story begins with Braniac ship coming to Earth with Braniac saying I will come for his prize. Meanwhile in the hospital Superman is recovering from the kryptonite bullet when he is visited by Bruce Wayne. Bruce said you are lucky. Sups replied I know, been though worse. Bruce smiles and says still well and leave the hospital with Bruce telling Alfred he will be ok.
In Washington DC Diana is met by General Swanwick. He reveals himself as Martian Manhunter and says a threat is coming to Earth and we need to be ready. Bruce is in the batcave with Alfred talking about how one man could change the world forever. Alfred replied not only change the world but inspired it. Diana later contact Bruce saying something big is coming and we need to reunite the Justice League. A signal is sent to call all Justice League members to unite. Flash is notified and runs to the Justice League base and Aquaman comes up from Atlantis . Cyborg has gone missing for a while and no one heard of him since. At the meeting Flash, Bruce and Aquaman are wondering who is Martian Manhunter. Arthur says Honestly with Superman and Steppenwolf nothing surprises me anymore. Flash asked so who is the threat? Did Steppenwolf come back or something? Martian Manhunter replied No something worse.
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2021.10.26 00:42 catalinaicon Should I do this?

I got hired to work at an FC starting on the 3rd for $15.80 an hour. From things I’ve researched this seems like it may not be the best thing for me. I have a decent resume but kinda just gave up after 8 applications without callbacks.
Can anyone list the pros and cons, and who may not be suitable? I don’t want to be someone who joins and quits the first week, that’s wasting everyone’s time.
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2021.10.26 00:42 catsrlame Can Mars more precisely control the size of peanut M&Ms?

The size of peanut m&ms varies (not displeasingly so). Is it a technical limitation due to the varying size of peanuts that cannot be controlled for (or perhaps not cheaply)? Or is it a design choice - regular m&ms are all exactly the same size.
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2021.10.26 00:42 cthalo Question about Devine wind and shadows of reach. Spoilers possible for both.

So how were covenant on the Ark left there and not dead?
Wouldn’t the halo ring at the end of halo 3 have killed all?
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2021.10.26 00:42 Aygurrig Aaahhh that sucks

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2021.10.26 00:42 Anfinessen I’m looking for this thermal but I forgot the name

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2021.10.26 00:42 Mydogfartsconstantly Seen some height differences here. Here is my gf and I. She says she’s 5’4. I lost my measuring tape.

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2021.10.26 00:42 Beautiful_Fishing569 Who needs Ben 10 when you've got Bon 11

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2021.10.26 00:42 blckwolf420 Who will massage my feet?

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2021.10.26 00:42 NBL03 First Amethyst

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2021.10.26 00:42 goamanhara Considering how many Republicans are getting caught being pedophiles and pedophile enablers, it doesn’t have to be all of them for us to be concerned

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2021.10.26 00:42 thewirdz NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC // Take Me Away - Krbread

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