2021.09.25 16:34 BeatriceRamo punk.......

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2021.09.25 16:34 xxzipperbluesxx Experiences with covid delirium?

TLDR: I think I’m dealing with covid delirium with an elderly relative. Have you had covid delirium? What was your experience and how long did it last?
Background: My grandfather (M82) and I tested positive for covid in early September. We were both vaccinated back in March but alas somehow we got it. My grandfather did really well initially, spent a week in the hospital, but did really great during that time. He was discharged feeling very weak overall, but still his had his normal personality.
Suddenly on day 10ish he basically crashed while he was at home with me. He suddenly couldn’t remember how to properly eat, drink, or urinate. He lost most of his speech but could call out for help or my name. It was like he suddenly developed severe dementia overnight. Then started having shortness of breath as well, so he was admitted back to the hospital. He’s been in the ICU for a week and it’s been very rough. He’s basically nonverbal now. I also think he’s very paranoid of the medical staff because he thinks they’re trying to hurt him. He tried to punch or bite them when they work near his face, so they’ve put him in soft restraints and they’ve heavily sedated him.
After some serious begging, they allowed two short visits. He recognized me and tried to interact, but he’s so sedated he can barely stay awake. His ICU doc just assumed this was his baseline and he has severe dementia, but I explained these symptoms all started after he had covid for 10 days. They’ve done a cat scans and a mri but they did not show signs of stroke or anything major - just normal brain atrophy for an elderly person. His doctor doesn’t really have a good explanation of what is causing the confusion - he thinks it could be hospital delirium (even though this started when he was discharged home) or the fact that his heart/lungs are under severe stress right now, maybe lack of oxygen to the brain (he was on about 4 liters of oxygen continuously when he was home).
I’ve read news articles and some scholarly research about covid delirium. Unfortunately, the articles don’t provide much insight if you’re dealing with it personally. His doctors haven’t mentioned covid delirium at all, but this is still new so they might not be as familiar with it. Whatever this confusion is, I know it’s hurting his overall progress so I’m trying to get as much info as possible.
Have you or your family had similar experiences with covid delirium? If so, how long did it last? Did it go away? What were some of the symptoms? Did anything help? I’m feeling very lost, I would appreciate any help.
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2021.09.25 16:34 Minyong_PH My Latest Build Contest #66

Fantasy Village
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2021.09.25 16:34 scarlettseixas Scarlett Seixas - r/scarlettseixas

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2021.09.25 16:34 Rodrigozp Any ideas on how to choose 4g hotspot for bobcat miner?

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2021.09.25 16:34 No-Rutabaga-6151 Music production event!!!

To all of my fellow music producers out there listen to this once. This event will maybe get you to have some fun 😌.
So are you all tired with making those songs with the same sounds and same arrangement over and over again? (I know you aren't after all we are the embodiment of having fun with repetition). I call all of you on for the 1 round 1 day 1 minute event "Symphony" (cliche? I don't think so).
Symphony is an event organised by the tech team of the stem society from the renowned "Ryan International school" (please no memes right now 🙂). It's going to be a pre entry event where we'll be providing y'all with some interesting "meme" sounds and you all would be required to make it into a 1 minute track with a buildup and a drop (Am I trying to make you all the next Yashraj mukhate? Yes? Am I concerned? Nahhhh). Autotune is strictly prohibited and the use of vst is allowed (But that doesn't mean that you'll turn a sound into a growl or a Reese bass, although it's fairly convenient 😌).
It's going to be conducted on 21st October and I guess y'all would love to free yourself from the stress 😌.
Talking about prizes. You all would get a fairly reputed certificate which might help you sign a deal with a label. (Small thing? Yes, Worth it? Absolutely).
If you need to talk feel free to hit me uppp.
The links- https://arvoitus.org/
It's easy to navigate trust me.
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2021.09.25 16:34 Robuxhdhdb123 Just Realized I have FULL Access to Creative Cloud from my Student License!

I am so Happy really needed this upgrade!
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2021.09.25 16:34 VBAnimations When Dani

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2021.09.25 16:34 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 16:34 scrapsbypap The San Francisco Giants are 1 home run away from tying the all-time franchise HR record with 8 games to go

2001 Giants hold it with 235, we currently sit at 234
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2021.09.25 16:34 Remarkable_Mission34 Need help and advice! Have any of you og’s ever use this coilovers? Is it any good? For my first project car civic fd1

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2021.09.25 16:34 angelomike Where can I get a CD burned in high quality? Willing to pay extra

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2021.09.25 16:34 ran_gers Favourite village or whatever

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2021.09.25 16:34 georgeorwellsmother What are your vices?

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2021.09.25 16:34 The-Earl-of-Zerces Review/Analysis of Trese and its larger relation to the Urban Fantasy genre

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2021.09.25 16:34 ricklepicklemydickle [Enter your favourite crypto project here] will rocket thanks to World Mobile!

I was having a quick look into the crypto market cap and a few other stats made its way into my google search.
• The global population currently sits at 7.9 Billion people.
• “According to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, the world's richest 1 percent, those with more than $1 million, own 43.4 percent of the world's wealth.” (https://inequality.org/facts/global-inequality/#global-wealth-inequality).
• Poorest half of the world hold $2.6 trillion https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2019/1/22/18192774/oxfam-inequality-report-2019-davos-wealth.
• $6.6 Trillion held by entire population
• Telecommunications market cap is $2.6 Trillion
• 48% of the world have zero internet access
Using the above figures, it’s not a stretch to assume that the 48% of the world with no internet access also fall into the “poorest half of the world category” and therefore hold $2.6 Trillion. That’s a lot of money to put under a mattress. That’s a lot of money not flowing into the crypto market.
Now imagine for a second, they were suddenly connected. And imagine, if the company who connected them, did so using blockchain technology. Not a huge stretch of the imagination to say that once the unconnected are finally connected, the market cap of the entire crypto market would increase. By how much? Who knows. But it’s worth thinking about.
So if you love Crypto, then you need to show some love to World Mobile. Because they’re rolling out their equipment in Zanzibar and Tanzania to start with. They will connect the unconnected. Their World Mobile Token will be listing on exchanges in the near future and is a great investment opportunity but the point I’m making is, if you love whatever project/coin/NFT you’ve invested in, then World Mobile’s success can only help your investment. As more people are brought online and given the opportunity to invest in crypto, the more likely it is that their money finds its way into your project.
If you don’t know anything about World Mobile yet, then check my post history to read more.
But to summarise, they’re a Telecommunications company (first and foremost) that utilises Cardano's blockchain technology (hence the World Mobile Token) and uses the Sharing Economy business model (think Uber and Airbnb). They’re also partnered (that’s right, a partnership agreement, not sponsorship or product placement agreement) with multi-billion dollar football/soccer club Fulham FC for at least three years, making World Mobile the ONLY project in the crypto space with this type of deal. Their mission is to connect the unconnected and finally bridge the digital divide the separates the haves from the have-nots. The poor get poorer because they don’t have the same privileges that the wealthy do. Internet access will level the playing field as things we take for granted such as education, healthcare and financial services is just a click away.
Full Disclosure, I’m all in on WMT and am expecting this thing to go to the moon and drag the entire crypto market with it.
Thanks for reading 😊
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2021.09.25 16:34 novaslip Anime art

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2021.09.25 16:34 Geograafia United Caucasian Emirates

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2021.09.25 16:34 psitsallaboutsports Week 3 Starts and Sits

It is week 3 for the NFL and it is time to reveal our starts and sits for the week! Know for our week 3 start and sits we go through every position at every game. These are based on our projections and they may not directly correlate with your specific start and sits for your team. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us or follow us on Instagram u/the_football_therapist. There you will also find our starts and sits for Thursday games. (Note for all starts and sits they are based on PPR formats)
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2021.09.25 16:34 Goat876 BEST GAMES FOR LOW END PC| 2021

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2021.09.25 16:34 Appropriate-Photo488 Biden's immigration policy needs reboot — and a moral vision. Pope Francis can help.

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2021.09.25 16:34 dairyfarm786 Buffaloes Sold | Loading on Mini Truck

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2021.09.25 16:34 Debressedboy Tehtiin sitten homieiden kanssa Poketwo serveri Suomalaisille

Poketwo on siis discord botti ja serveri on itsessään myös pokemon faneille. Linkki on kommenteissa jos kiinnostaa :)
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2021.09.25 16:34 YOW-Weather-Records Edmonton's mean daily maximum humidex during summer 2021 was 25.0, above the normal range of 20.6➞24.5.

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2021.09.25 16:34 WorldWeaver123 [Meme] A tonal comparison.

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