Fundy merch

2021.09.25 16:35 mils_frog Fundy merch

Does anyone know where fundy’s merch ships from? Like is it from the netherlands, the us or another place? :)
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2021.09.25 16:35 niuz-bot UPDATE Prahova: Turistul rătăcit în masivul Bucegi a fost găsit de salvamontişti - [Regionale]

Turistul care a anunţat vineri seară că s-a rătăcit în masivul Bucegi a fost găsit, sâmbătă după-amiază, de salvamontişti pe Valea Morarului, a anunţat Serviciul Salvamont Buşteni.
Potrivit sursei citate, bărbatul de 38 de ani este din Caraş-Severin şi a plecat singur pe mu...
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.09.25 16:35 codercor İ cant start simulator on m1 mac.

I use mac mini m1 and i try to develop ios app with react native but the ios emulator could not start. Are there someone that can help me?
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2021.09.25 16:35 Lost_Lynx_6430 A 3D printed vaccine patch offers vaccination without a shot

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2021.09.25 16:35 Scary-Ad1465 How to get back with someone who broke up due to timing

My gf (26, f) broke up wit me (23, f) 2 days ago because her new work is taking all of her time. She says if she hadn't changed work things would have been different because she could have stability and that she can't continue our relationship even though she's in love with me, feels great when we are together and know we have incredible things to live together. I gave her space an time to sort all that out when she asked me for it, but proceeded to break up 2 days after, telling me everything I wrote above. I tried explaining everything I was implanting in my own life to find stability (Im doing a phd and giving some college courses which takes a lot of time) and that we could find ways that responded to both our needs. Hers of space, mine of seeing her a bit. She's never had a serious relationship and has a fear of abandonment which kina makes me think that she ran away because things weren't great and she taught I would since I was the first one who said we needed to talk even though I just wanted to find a solution. We havent talked since the break up except for apologizing for getting angry. She even told me she was sorry to put me through that and that she'd always be there for me if needed. To which I replied that I hoped she would really think about everything I said and that I was sorry she was doing that to herself.
I know she made a mistake, and I'm pretty sure she knows it too since she said (I might be doing a mistake but I won't change my mind, if t's meant to be we'll find our way back). And right now I'm just totally lost on why she did it even though she told me I wasn't fighting for nothing, told me I was the love of her life a week ago ut hadn't told me before because she knew I was skeptic. But most of all, I just don't know what to do to get her back and prove to her that we can work things out
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2021.09.25 16:35 DaHomieNelson92 Valkyrie balance changes

Forgot two key things so I had to repost this.
1) Shield crush (soft feint bash) is now 400ms (from 500ms).
Comments: Valkyrie has a major problem. Her soft feint “mixup” can be dodged in one timing to avoid both the bash and non-feinted heavy. In some cases, you can even avoid feint to gb because Valk’s left side gb had no range. By speeding up her bash, opponents can no longer avoid multiple options with a single input. And she has a viable opener too.
2) Improve Valkyrie’s gb range (specifically the left side).
Comments: One side is apparently bugged; has been for a while actually. Simple QoL fix.
3) Second chain heavies are now unblockable.
Comments: You may have noticed, but a lot of the recent testing grounds reworks have given heroes new unblockable attacks. Personally, I like this new direction because unblockables force the player to make a read/reaction. Especially now that option selects are gone. In the past, the devs have described Valkyries as a “jack of all trades” hero. Doesn’t excel at anything but has a little bit of everything to make her adaptable. I believe giving her an unblockable property will move her close to that design.
4) Second chain side lights are now 400ms (from 500ms).
Comments: Here’s another major problem, against Valkyrie you can block top and react to sides when she uses light attacks. Speeding up the side chain lights to 400ms will help against this issue.
5) Heavy finishers are now undodgeable.
Comments: Like previously stated, Valkyrie was designed as a hero with a little bit of everything at the cost of something (lower damage, etc.). This change will not only fulfill that, her sweep mixup will now be more functional. Speaking of which...
6) Sweep is now 500ms (from 600ms) and has lower damage as compensation.
Comments: Valkyrie’s sweep mixup is currently bad because it’s reactable. Opponents can wait and dodge if they see orange and block/counter bb if the Valk does something else. At 500ms, the sweep mixup will become and actual mixup combined with the previous change.
5) Valkyrie can cancel her backside full block with a dodge.
Comments: I’m a Valk main (65 reps). Her full block is sorta underrated when used properly but could receive some improvements. Giving her the ability to dodge out of it will make this move more dependable in different situations. Especially in group fights by making her more mobile.
6) Forward and side dodge attacks from full block are enhanced.
Comments: Combined with the previous change, Valkyrie’s full block is now a tool that can be used both defensively and offensively instead of being an underwhelming defensive tool.
6) Normal side dodge lights have better variable timing, 100ms-500ms (from 300ms-500ms) and i-frames.
Comments: At the cost of remaining a light parry with decent i-frames, Valk’s side dodge attack is now better than the current version; little to no i-frames, unfavorable timing and a light parry.
8) Either reduce the amount of stamina in some of Valkyrie’s attacks or give her more total stamina so she can be less stamina intensive.
Comments: The stamina to damage ratio is bad right now for Valkyrie. She needs a stamina buff because you frequently have to stop attacking to avoid going OOS. Unlike the majority of the cast.
9) Zone is now 500ms and uses 30 stamina (from 700ms and 60 stamina).
Comments: Her zone is very bad right now. Valk has 120 stamina so her current zone uses HALF of her stamina while being reactable. Now that zone option selects are gone, she needs her zone to be standerized like the others.
7) Overall damage is slightly lower than the rest of the cast now that she has more attack properties and potent mixups.
Conclusion: The devs considered Valkyrie to be an adaptable hero with many different attack properties. In her current version, she’s half way there I say. Give her as many new buffs and lower her overall damage so she can truly be the jack of all trades hero the developers wanted her to be. Realistically, she really only needs some light tweaks but I think the devs can push a little more and give us a more complete hero.
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2021.09.25 16:35 zmiller488 Connor is the perfect gentleman.

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2021.09.25 16:35 dealmein923 Funniest Short Jokes Ever | Vignette #172

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2021.09.25 16:34 chiirpy i wiiuld make a great boywife to bh honest

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2021.09.25 16:34 my-eye-candy-account Latest from Adam Mont

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2021.09.25 16:34 PHgames001 Updates in my minecraft modpack

hey guys, i just posted the beta v2 of my modpack, QuestCraft Br 1.16.5, it is a light quest modpack with varied theme and focus on running even on weak and medium pcs
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2021.09.25 16:34 Luringskydiver25 Get schooled

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2021.09.25 16:34 ahmedlsayedd Ink drawing by me ,what do yall think

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2021.09.25 16:34 OhioAggie2009 Limit Break leveling

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2021.09.25 16:34 Channa_Argus1121 A red-toothed triggerfish, otherwise known as blue triggerfish. Despite having sharp red teeth, they are mostly planktivorous.

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2021.09.25 16:34 wezeir27 Anushka Sharma

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2021.09.25 16:34 Doomer1996 I just want to be happy

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2021.09.25 16:34 Exotic_Put6895 [Hire Me] Providing Best services in Engineering and sciences subject. Looking for efficiency and efficacy in your assignments simultaneously? You are at the right place. Hire me for your mechanical electrical and computer engineering subjects. Discord Exotic#7001

I am offering services in following subjects
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Also I am capable of doing all type of final year projects that are related to Mechanical Electrical and Computer engineering.
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2021.09.25 16:34 CardiacWhale Who do I start in FLEX this week PPR?

View Poll
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2021.09.25 16:34 Lyell_Crookshanks Miss Momo

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2021.09.25 16:34 Need4Life Beautiful Model Railroad HO Scale Gauge Train Layout at The San Diego Model Railroad Museum

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2021.09.25 16:34 Moviecartographer Angels from Hell (1968)

MAP: 55.70/100
IMDb / Wikipedia / 500moviesorbust
A war hero, Mike, returns home to find his biker gang has moved on to Bakersfield, CA and is using a local bar to hang out. After Mike uses his fists to renegotiate his position as leader, he makes an agreement with the local sheriff to keep the peace in exchange for being left alone. Mike then sets his sights on a bigger target - uniting all the gangs into one large outlaw biker gang. His plans unravel when his boys rough up an over zealous patrol officer and inadvertently set off a cops vs. biker gang war.
So yeah, basically all the elements of a low-budget biker film of the day, mostly unremarkable beyond a decent performance by Jack Starrett as Sheriff Bingham (dude was born to play these roles) and Arlene Martel as Ginger, the best girl and hang out owner - if the name doesn’t jump out at you, she’s best known as Spock’s would-be wife, T’Pring from Star Trek, S2E1 (1967) - she was a pretty lady and no stranger to B-films like this one.
Good movie? No, but fun enough to give a spin every few years. I like the time capsule quality of it all.
Side note: Some of the artwork at Ginger’s and used in the credits was created by Kenny Howard - better known as ‘Von Dutch’ - who earned considerable fame in the Kustom Kulture crowd for his pinstripping skill and instantly recognizable pop art.
Second side note: these films always featured music by some hopeful wanna-be up-and-coming bands and this one is no different - we’ve got tunes from both The Peanut Butter Conspiracy and The Lollipop Shoppe… I’d poke fun at those names but I played bass for a band I named when I was a teen - The Velvet Love Drops… so I’ll leave them alone and count myself lucky we didn’t make it onto any film soundtracks (or anywhere else that mattered).
On the other hand, the music was largely composed by Stu Phillips who went on to create some the most memorable theme songs of the 70’s and 80’s such as Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, and Knight Rider.
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2021.09.25 16:34 StarsAtLadakh Hemalata Karua,a tribal woman had accused Graham Staines of rape in front of sessions judge.In original verdict,SC had criticized Staines & conversions:"there are materials to suggest that the missionaries engaged in forceful conversions“.These were expunged under pressure from missionary lobby

Hemalata Karua of Machhagarh village accused Staines of sexually assaulting her during a conversion camp in the area. She told this story in front of a Sessions Judge M.N.Pattnik.
On the eve of Makar Sankranthi on January 1999, Staines had organised an annual camp for local Christians. The camp was setup to discuss the locals’ Christian belief in a social setting and was conducted at the border of Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar in Odisha. Hemalata Karua and her husband too were invited to participate in the camp. She told the judge that Staines persuaded her and her husband to convert to avoid financial difficulties. Both converted to Christianity and stayed over at the camp for the night. Recounting the events of the night Hemalata said, “He entered and asked me to close my eyes and meditate. As I was meditating he laid his hands on my body, I protested but he continued to persuade me, saying physical relationship with him would benefit me.” When she screamed, Hemalata said, Graham fled. She left the camp with her husband the next day. Two days later Staines was killed. She also told the judge that 20 days after the incident, Staines wife, Gladys, approached her and expressed regret for her husband’s actions. BJP MP Satya Pal Singh accused Graham Staines of molesting 30 tribal girls and converting them to Christianity. He said Staines behaviour with women and relentless conversion activities angered the locals who took law into their own hands. He also accused a senior Congress leader of forcing CBI to exclude this accusation from the charge sheet
Church influence on Indian Supreme Court In 2011, the Church applied pressure and connived with the anti-Hindu State to force the Hon. Supreme Court to expunge two paragraphs from the original observations made in the sentencing of Dara Singh, prime accused, in the death of Staines. In a rare move Justices P. Sathasivm and B.S. Chauhan reversed two original paragraphs after immense pressure from the media cabal and Christian organisations. The original observations of the Supreme Court carried references to conversion activities by the Church.
Original observation of Supreme Court Replaced with
In the case on hand, though Graham Staines and his two minor sons were burnt to death while they were sleeping inside a station wagon at Manoharpur, the intention was to teach a lesson to Graham Staines about his religious activities, namely, converting poor tribals to Christianity.” However, more than 12 years have elapsed since the act was committed, we are of the opinion that the life sentence awarded by the High Court need not be enhanced in view of the factual position discussed in the earlier paragraphs
It is undisputed that there is no justification for interfering in someone’s belief by way of use of force, provocation, conversion, incitement or upon a flawed premise that one religion is better than the other. There is no justification for interfering in someone’s religious belief by any means.
Analysis of changes to Supreme Court judgement in the Dara Singh sentencing In the original observation, the Supreme Court had come down heavily on the activities of Christian missionaries. The original bench of the Supreme Court had observed, “the investigations revealed that Staines was involved in conversions and there are materials to suggest that the missionaries were involved in forceful conversions“. The Wadhwa Commission stated that Dara Singh was not connected to Bajrang Dal since there was no evidence. But the National Commission for Minorities ignored the Commision’s report and adjudicated Dara Singh as a Bajrang Dal member.
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2021.09.25 16:34 OkGetIn3 Bir kız ve onun sayesinde artık yıkık olmayan bir oğlanın hikayesi

ilk yazı:
ikinci yazı:ız_ve_artık_o_kadar_da_yıkık_olmayan_bi

üçüncü hafta- ilk gün: Haftanın ilk günü ders ve tenefüslerde yanında buldum kendimi. Arkadaşıyla da samimiydim artık. İstediğim gibi konuşma, tartışma başlatabiliyordum. Bu çok büyük bir güç gibi hissettirmişti ama daha sonra güvenlerini kaybetmemek için aslında hiç de samimi değilmişiz gibi davranmaya karar verdim.
ikinci gün: Bugün de birlikteydik, birşeyler yedik, tüm tenefüslerde yanındaydım. Çok farklı birşey hatırlamıyorum ama sadece günden güne cesaretlendiğimi hissettiğim tek gün bu haftanın ikinci günüydü. Cesaretim ve özgüvenim yerine gelmişti, artık insanlarla konuşurken daha saygılıydım, durup dururken bile yüzümde gülümsemeler beliriyor, mideme sancılar giriyor, ellerim titriyordu. Kendimdeki bu değişiklik ilk defa hissettiğim birşeydi.
üçüncü gün: Derslerdeki başarımdan önceki yazılarda bahsetmiştim galiba. Tüm bunların yanında bana aniden gelen özgüvenle beraber derslere da daha fazla katılmaya, kendimi göstermeye ve etrafımda benle oturan kızları da etkilemeye başlamıştım. Artık bana yakın oturan 3 kız da benden tavsiyeler almaya, durup dururken birşeyler sormaya, yanımda rahat davranmaya ve her söylediğime tepki verip yaptığım her espriye gülmeye başlamışlardı.
dördüncü gün: Bugünü bilen bilir, son iki ders beden. Bu iki dersin ilk dersinin sonlarında dışarı çıktık hava kötü olduğu için, aynı şekilde ikinci derste de. Ama ikinci derste hiç beklemediğim birşey oldu. Hoca tahtaya sınıfta sadece 2-3 kişinin (ben dahil) bildiği sudoku çizmiş, rastgele yerlerini sayılarla doldurmuştu. İlkokulda kafayı sudokuya takmış, tüm taktiklerini yalayıp yutmuş biri olarak kendimi göstermeliydim. Hiç beklemediğim şey ise, adına gerek yok anlattığım kişi benden önce çözmüştü. Bu durum karşısında şoke olup dersin sonlarında ise buradan sohbet başlatmıştım. Hayatında hiç bir sudoku çözmediğini söyledi, bu ilk seferiymiş. Demek ki karşımdaki insan birçok yönüyle değil tüm yönleriyle bana benziyor, benim gibi düşünüyor ve benden daha iyi analitik fikirler öne sürüp ilk defa karşılaştığı bir problemi bile uzman denilebilecek benden daha hızlı çözüyordu. Başkası olsa hırstan günüm mahvolurdu, ama bu olay sayesinde artı kbaşkalarının yerine de sevinmeyi, herşeyin yarıştan ve dersten ibaret olmadığını öğrenmiştim.
beşinci gün: Bugün de pek birşey olmadı, birlikte birşeyler yedik, birbirimizi daha çok tanıdık. Onun da bana yakınlaştığını ve ayrıca hissettiklerimin karşılıklı olduğunu ilk bugün hissettim. Resmen dindar olsam şükür namazı kılacağım kıvamda ise o günün akşamı discorddan (evet kullanıyormuş) 2-3 saat konuştuk, birşeyler oynadık, dinledik, izledik, birlikte vakit geçirdik. Ben ise daha utançtan ne diyeceğimi zor seçerken onun bir arkadaşı ve benim bir arkadaşım da gruptaydı. Yalnız olsak utancımdan konuşamazdım bile ama arkadaşım durmadan gruba miim ve mizah içerikleri attığı için ortam daha da yumuşamıştı.
Haftanın sonunda utancımı, yıkıklığımı, dış görünüşüm ve insanlarla iletişimim hakkında endişe ve kaygılarımı yenmiştim. Çünkü hayatım boyunca saçmalık olarak nitelendirdiğim, sevenlerin yardıma muhtaç seviyesiz cahil insanlar olduğunu düşündüğüm duyguların bende de olduğunu, benim de insan olduğumu hatırlamıştım. Sevmek, hayatı daha çekilir kılmıştı.
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2021.09.25 16:34 SunaSunaSuna I looooooove this game I need gifs of ROTS

hey guys im in love with this game XD its such a joy and the rots are super cute does anyone know a website with multiple of these gifs ? i looked on trenor only a handfull which i already have
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