Needing to become for social

2021.09.25 16:59 noel7800 Needing to become for social

I get really quiet and make this awkward vibe. How do I get out of my shell? I could just real stoned all day but I’m trying to do real estate too so i have to put myself out there.
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2021.09.25 16:59 IndependentRude9125 COVID leave

TLDR: Do you get paid for the entire 10 day COVID Leave? Sorry it's not specific to OGP but y'all are nicer than the actual Walmart sub.
For starters, I've never had COVID, nor been on an LOA. I tested positive for COVID, and immediately filled out the leave while I had a fever and everything. So honestly, I couldn't even think straight. Well I put my return to work date 2 days sooner than the local Health Dept actually allowed me back from quarantine. I changed my return to work date, and uploaded a document that says the correct date, however I believe Sedgwick is only paying me for 8 days instead of 10. Now it's a new work week. How can I correct this? I asked a coworker yesterday (who has experience with LOAs) and he said i would be paid.
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2021.09.25 16:59 heinaga1989 🏆 MiniMATIC | Doxxed Dev | LP Locked 1 Years | 20K Market Cap | Just Launched | Professional shilling | Here the moonshot !


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2021.09.25 16:59 Tombowombo5 Good

I feel if we are going to eat we should bring honey and gfuel because honey lasts for ever and gfuel is from the gods
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2021.09.25 16:59 leoslramos Reestart story mode in D2R

Hi, new player here from PC. I'm thinking about importing my old save games from my old character and play again the story. I'd like to know if it's possible to start the story all over again with this old character (I've already finished the game in all availables difficulty levels). Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.25 16:59 essaycode MKTG 320 Week 2 DQ2…..solved

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2021.09.25 16:59 EliteScoutSniper Pomegranate juice seller, Damascus, 2009

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2021.09.25 16:59 Sufficient_Scene2440 Ooo

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2021.09.25 16:59 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 16:59 dettaeknas [Routine Help] Tretinoin made me sooo oily

I've always had a little bit of oily skin, but not that bad at all. And a bit of flaky/dry skin on my nose.
But since I started tretinoin my skin has become SOO oily and not dry/flaky like others. (Mostly oily around my nose/under eyes/lip area).
I moisturize twice a day but nothing seems to help. If I blot or wash my face it becomes oily again within 30 minutes.
I feel like tretinoin is helping my acne, but my skin is so damn oily. It looks like i wash my face with grease.
I use cerave hydrating cleanser and la roshe posay ultra cream as moisturizer. Im gonna try the cerave PM moisturizer instead when it arrives. And I've tried both moisturizing before and after tret, seems to make 0 differense.
Any tips?
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2021.09.25 16:59 IDM_Recursion Cruz Azul vs Columbus Crew: Head to Head and Campeones Cup.

Cruz Azul vs Columbus Crew: Head to Head and Campeones Cup. Preface: I remembered this game existed and learned that these two teams have played each other already. In fact, I remember watching these games after checking out the highlights. Thought it'd be fun to go down memory lane before the game on Wednesday. Note that data on these games was hard to find if it existed, confusing to read sometimes, and even conflicting. So there will probably be some incorrect or missing info here such as the lineups which are approximate. Was 2009 that long ago? Jeez, anyway...
Head to head: Cruz Azul won the only two matches they played, both in CONCACAF Champions League.
Context: Cruz Azul and Columbus Crew played each other in the glorious 2009 CONCACAF Champions League group stages. Cruz Azul qualified for this tournament after losing the 2008 Apertura final to Toluca. Columbus Crew qualified after becoming both the 2008 MLS Cup and MLS Supporters Shield winners. Both teams were in Group C and finished 1st and 2nd respectively leaving Saprissa and Puerto Rico Islanders eliminated.

2009 CONCACAF Champions League group C
1st Game: Their first meeting was on August 26th, 2009 when Cruz Azul received Columbus Crew at home at Estadio Azul. The lineups were approximately as follows:
Cruz Azul (left) vs Columbus Crew (right)
Cruz Azul would win the game 5-0 with goals from Lozano ('4, '82, and '87), Núñez ('9), and a Marshall OG ('47).
Cruz Azul subs: P. Zeballos -> J. Huiqui | E. Hernandez -> A. Vela | G. Lugo -> R. Núñez
Columbus Crew subs: A. Moffat -> A. Moreno | E. Ekpo -> G. Schelotto | R. Rogers

2nd Game: Their second and most recent game was on September 23rd, 2009 when Columbus Crew received Cruz Azul at Columbus Crew Stadium. The lineups were approximately as follows:
Processing img vkghj5gnanp71...
Cruz Azul would win again by a score of 0-2 with goals from Zeballos ('14) and Vela ('39).
Columbus Crew subs: E. Ekpo -> D. Oughton | E. Renteria -> S. Lenhart | K. Burns -> E. Gaven
Cruz Azul subs: J. Orozco -> P. Zeballos | R. Chavez -> A. Castro | E. Hernandez -> G. Velasco

Upcoming Match: Cruz Azul visits Columbus Crew in Columbus for Campeones Cup on September 29th, 2021, a full 12 years since their last meeting.
Columbus Crew sits 10th (out of 14) in the MLS Eastern Conference with 31 pts and a record of 8W 7D 11L. Their last 10 games: DWLLWLLLLL. They play Montreal today at home.
Cruz Azul sits 6th in LigaMX with 14 pts and a record of 3W 5D 2L. Their last 10 games: DWLLDDDWLW.
It is hard to say what Cruz Azul will lineup with because we have not had a consistent lineup/formation since Reynoso took over at the beginning of the year. This season we've had a chunk of injuries and a ton of players gone for Olympics/Gold Cup/Copa America/WCQs and, as a result, lot of players have been getting rested/rotated. 10 players went out for the last WCQ window! In fact, it looks like we have played with unique lineups/formations in every single game since the beginning of this season (includes CCL and Campeon de Campeones, 13 games total). This last game against Puebla on Friday is probably the 1st game this season where we almost had everyone available I think. Here's what I think we could lineup with:
Possible lineups.
Based of this year and recent games, I think it's unlikely we do a 4-3-3 at all but it's possible I guess.

Fun Facts: - While I was unable to confirm the subs for these games, it seems that Julio Cesar "Cata" Dominguez (currently 33 yrs old) may have been on the bench for both games. That would make him the only player present at either match to be present at the upcoming match (assuming he does go, probably will). He's been with Cruz Azul his entire career and has played over 500 matches for the club.
- Another player that was around at this time was current Cruz Azul starting goalkeeper, José de Jesús "Chuy" Corona (currently 40 yrs old). He joined Cruz Azul that summer and had already made his debut in a 0-3 win vs Pumas. I am less certain he was on the bench or even present.
- It seems that nearly every player that was part of that Columbus squad, when those matches were played, has retired with the exception of Emilio Renteria (36 yrs old) who is currently playing at Venezuelan 1st division club Puerto Cabello.
- As for Cruz Azul, most players are retired or without a team. However a couple still play such as Cristian Riveros and Pablo Zeballos who currently play in Paraguayan 1st division for Nacional and River Plate respectively. Javier Orozco currently plays in Guatemala for Xelaju. Cesar Villaluz (33 yrs old) is apparently without a club after last playing for Cancun FC in Liga Expansion MX earlier this year.
- Rogelio Chavez would end up playing for FBC Melgar in Peru. They were managed by current Cruz Azul manager Juan Reynoso. Chavez was only there for less than a year however.
- Keylor Navas, former Real Madrid and current PSG goalkeeper, still played for Saprissa (also in Group C) at this time.
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2021.09.25 16:59 WorkerandParasite20 Rams or Bucs DST

View Poll
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2021.09.25 16:59 nomissocks How low did you have to get your body fat percentage / BMI to lose hip fat? Just looking for a rough idea.

I'm currently cutting, and aim to get my body fat percentage as low as possible before I bulk again. I'm basically hoping that I can lose the hip fat, and then when I start (clean) bulking my T levels will be high enough that I'll gain the fat back in a masculine pattern. I know men have hip fat too, but they store their fat in a way that doesn't give them curves.
I've still got miles to go, and at this rate, it looks like I'm going to have to sacrifice a lot of muscle and strength to get lean enough to get rid of that fat. Hip/lower back fat is the first place I put on fat, and the absolute last place it comes off. I'm currently 65 kg, down from 71, and based off where I've been before and my current progress, I'm estimating I might have to get as low as 50.
If you've cut before and gotten rid of that fat, how lean did you have to get? And did it come back when you gained weight again?
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2021.09.25 16:59 KazeEnji PS5 DLC BUG?

Hey everyone,
Apologies if this isn't allowed here but I don't see a lot of references to it so maybe it's just me.
I bought the dropship edition which is supposed to come with both DLCs. I played it this morning no problem, saved after the tutorial mission, and went on some errands. Now I'm trying to load my save back up and it says I don't have the DLCs and won't load my file because of it. The PS store shows I own everything but the game doesn't seem to detect them.
I've redownload them as well as successfully restored licenses, neither work. Has anyone run into this before? Is there something else I can try or do I just need to wait for a patch?
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2021.09.25 16:59 rowantreewitch I don't know why I'm doing this

Just looking to vent on a bad day I guess. I started my Master's program a few weeks ago and I just can't see why I'm even here. Maybe it's just depression, but I can't see anything for myself past finishing this degree, it all just seems so pointless. I'm still going to be poor and trying to break into wine making even with a master's. I don't know if grad school was just me flailing to look for something to avoid being a "real adult" or if it will help me, I'm just tired at this point. I don't want to quit and be a disappointment, but I'm worried that my physical and mental health are just going to keep spiraling.
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2021.09.25 16:59 essaycode MKTG 320 Week 3 DQ1…..solved

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2021.09.25 16:59 youaremine727 Jazz Hop / Lofi Piano

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2021.09.25 16:59 bok3h 2012 Prius brake actuator failed last night and am left holding the bag. 25 days outside of primary coverage & 13k miles out of secondary coverage.

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2021.09.25 16:59 Mr_smith1466 So does the remake still suck or have patches improved it a bit?

I still love the original game, but want to know, is the remake still a mess or improved? I have no idea if they ever did patches over the last 10 months or if any of those helped.
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2021.09.25 16:59 Mad_Lad_66 What 3 songs would you play from your room to scare your family?

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2021.09.25 16:59 Psychological_One695 Has anyone noticed a second under display camera on their galaxy fold 3

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2021.09.25 16:59 boiifyoudont123468 Democracy

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2021.09.25 16:59 Botanicalknight Best Options for Helping Carpal Tunnel

If this is the wrong flair or I need to ask for help somewhere else please let me know.
But I've dealt with carpal tunnel off and on since I was 16 because I've been drawing from a pretty young age. I keep up with stretches etc best I can and try to use options that mitigate it. Over the past year I've picked up more crafts and had to shift to a desk job which has strained it a little but nothing too intense. However recently there's been a huge uptick in pain and numbness in both of my hands.
My partner pointed out that I also got into GGST when it came out and have been playing a couple hours daily with a PS5 controller and that it's probably contributing to my pain since I don't normally game for that long.
I had already been looking at some hitbox-esque pads with keyboard layouts because I used to play some stuff on pc with a keyboard and thought it would be a good transition. I had been eying this fightboard but a new fg friend also brought this to my attention. I like the compactness of both of these and the price point is around what I'm willing to pay right now (I'm still really new to fgs and don't want to put $$$$$ into it before I know what I like). Also, I am aware that PS5 software isn't super available yet, I'm likely shifting to PC soon.
I guess my question for all of you is what options have you explored if you deal with carpal? Are there certain layouts or buttons that work better for you that I should consider?
The PS5 controller has already been pissing me off because the dpad sucks for combos I'm trying to pull and I main Zato so negative edge can be tricky. I had a button layout I like but it's just not cutting it for me. But if it's also hurting my hands on top of that I'm just... Not here for it at all and want to prioritize a better option.
tl;dr: Looking for fightpad options that might help my carpal, open to any suggestions/tips/advice on purchasing one.
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2021.09.25 16:59 qBlaine For each type, a card that supports it #96: Estrid

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2021.09.25 16:59 maznurrahman jadeite site

A successful project that has not left me without attention, I believe that the company is the best offer on the market,don't pass it by #jdt #crypto #bnb #jadeite
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