Reading List for Disco Elysium?

2021.09.25 18:14 DorianLokrian Reading List for Disco Elysium?

I've been waiting for Disco Elysium to come out on switch since my mac has not been vibing with even the simplest of games as of late. Now that there's a release date I'm wondering what reading I should do to get in the right mind for it. Interested in Theory, Philosophy and Non-Fiction that might have inspired the game. TIA!
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2021.09.25 18:14 stuart2020 Advice required…

Asking on behalf/support of my daughter… She is 14 and currently taking her Piano grades and studying for her GCSEs (including Music) and is interested in a career as a West End musician, can anybody offer any advice on the best route to take or point us in the right direction?
Thank you in advance.
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2021.09.25 18:14 tulymauro What's the strangest manga in your collection? Mine is for sure Palepoli by Usamaru Furuya

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2021.09.25 18:14 Far-Afternoon6619 Close enough? Losing battle with 🐛 and rot. First time... I think I may be good to chop it?

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2021.09.25 18:14 dr4v3nn Day & Night Cycles in Video Games | The Ultimate Guide

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2021.09.25 18:14 TronicBoy PHP for Beginners 2021: The Complete PHP MySQL PDO Course

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2021.09.25 18:14 PrisonersofFate David Moyes adressing the fans at the 80th minute

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2021.09.25 18:14 Both_Bug504 To let every newcomer know we're fully doxxed🎉

The era of anonymiminymity is OVER! WE.HAVE.DOXXED!! There are linkes to our Linkedin on our website We've got a very professional photo of us pinned in the groupchat TG: @drunkmillionaire And we are on the videochat in the Telegram chat every now and again. Showing off our amazing breakdancing skills. Which basically means we just sit in a chair. It's like OnlyFans. Except it's free, not erotic, not nude and not really anything special. Butt (HA ass..) if you want to see us, come in the chat and ask us to show ourselves!
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2021.09.25 18:14 town_420 Substance Abuse Resources

Wondering if anyone knew of support groups, and where to find fentanyl testing strips / Narcan in northern Westchester.
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2021.09.25 18:14 Classic_Tooth_6215 HIST020 w/ Juliette Levy

Hi! This fall, I am taking HIST020 with Professor Levy and I was wondering how her class is and how the grading on the decade/research/final writing assignments is…… like is it easy to do well on them or do you have to put in a lot of effort to get a good grade?
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2021.09.25 18:14 TronicBoy PHP for Beginners 2021: The Complete PHP MySQL PDO Course

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2021.09.25 18:14 helenacchi first time experiencing this feeling

Hello. Today, I went on a walk to buy groceries. It was all well, it took a 20 minute walk to get there, but when i wanted to go back home, I started sweating, couldn't breathe well, my feet gave out and the person i was with told me that my skin got pale as a ghost and my lips became white. I am eating healthy and enough calories, I think I get enough iron so I don't think this has to do with anemia.. When I talked with an adult about it, they started telling me about a curse and after they did some thing to my forehead, my lips became pink, which kind of freaked me out. I have never felt this faint before, of course I should get this checked, but I am not able to go to a doctor, yet. Did anyone ever experience this? Any idea what this could be?
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2021.09.25 18:14 TheNoClipTerminator 1979 hoodless Ford Thunderbird, the official car of?

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2021.09.25 18:14 theadbot12 “There’s a lot more to you than you think there is, Angel!”

I recently read the prequel comics for Hazbin Hotel. Very good, by the way. But this line really stood out for me. It’s no surprise that Angel is my favorite character. His opening scene was all it took to sell me on “oh yeah, this guy’s my favorite”, and watching Addict only confirmed this for me. So hearing that Charlie invited him to stay because she saw good in him was really wholesome. I can’t wait for this show to come out.
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2021.09.25 18:14 Steve_Sizzou Can I get into NI from a green list country with an Antigen test?

to get into NI it just says on this Website that you need a "negative test", but it doesn't specify whether or not that can be an antigen test. Does anyone know if that matters?
Also can anyone point me towards a place to book a "day 2 covid test" online, somewhere around country Antrim/Belfast? Thanks!
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2021.09.25 18:14 Ok_Fisherman9953 From 3sec to?

Hello, just I want to share my recent experience. I am 24 male. I had made sex 3 times before but I cum within seconds. this lowers my confidence so much. So this past two weeks I get a girl we made sex with almost every 2 days. I see a big difference from lasting 3 sec to almost 7 min in the first round and completely in control in the second round(Without Condom). I could say here psychology plays an important role. Relaxing and changing your thoughts during sex helps a lot. I suggest making more sex to know what is causing Your PE and to gain more experience.
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2021.09.25 18:14 andyc0216 Still couldn’t move on?

Hey redditors, need some perspectives and advices.
I met a girl on dating app a little over a month ago. She made it clear since the beginning that she doesn’t want anything serious cause she just got out of an abusive relationship and i was totally cool. We hung out almost everyday for a week (best dates so far), held hands and cuddles, no sex, only kisses on cheeks and neck. I asked her, what are we and she replied sorta “dating but not exclusive”. Eventually i asked to break it off as i can’t continue with this, knowing her being intimate with someone else (held hands, as admitted herself) while still being intimate with me.
Days pased and i messaged her that i missed her and she said she missed me too. We texted and let our feelings out. She said she liked me, missed me and wish i was here. (She was celebrating her birthday somewhere near the beach) But she can’t be in a relationship with anyone yet cause she hasn’t fully recovered from the past. I drove an hour to see her in the middle of the night. Cuddled and hugged each other till the next day and i left.
Texted and called her after that but no replies. She eventually got her brother in law to send me threats and said i was bothering her. I sent my last message asking why she led me on and trashed me right after like it was nothing? Then she blocked me and it was the last time i talked to her.
I could not understand why she did what she did.
I reenacted the whole thing, started to do what she did to me to other women, to put myself in her shoe and understand the reason behind her actions. I dated multiple women since then, from cuddling to making out, but didn’t go anything more than that cause i was constantly thinking about her and couldn’t get past my conscience. I thought about her everyday, even while on a date with other women, wishing it was her.
What’s going on with me? Why can’t i seem to get over her? Why is this girl that i met in less than 2 weeks are giving me this much impact? I spent more time trying to move on than the time with her.
Not like i did not try. Maybe I am still looking for closure?
Please share your thoughts and advices. Thank you.
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2021.09.25 18:14 Superb_Ad376 Did u know below the uk above France is The UK?

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2021.09.25 18:14 WillX0 Help to improve a Poker Knight deck

Hi, Even if I play the game often and know most of the rules I still consider myself a beginner and lack a lot of skill and knowledge about cards so please excuse me if I make some mistakes (I also only play online)
I recently saw a video about these cards and decided to build a deck based on them.
After some research I finally made it, I googled some warrior supports cards, since the deck doesn't have any I tried to build the best thing possible.
It is probably the first deck I also build myself :

|- MONSTER CARDS (25 cards): |- 2x Jack's Knight |- 3x Queen's Knight |- 1x Arcana Triumph Joker |- 1x Silent Swordsman LV7 |- 1x Silent Swordsman LV5 |- 2x Joker's Knight |- 1x Turret Warrior |- 1x Celtic Guard of Noble Arms |- 1x Valkyrian Knight |- 3x King's Knight |- 2x Imperial Bower |- 1x Gagaga Magician |- 1x Command Knight |- 1x Silent Swordsman |- 2x Silent Swordsman LV3 |- 1x Fire Flint Lady |- SPELL CARDS (18 cards): |- 2x Face Card Fusion |- 1x Reinforcement of the Army |- 1x Swords of Revealing Light |- 2x Joker's Straight |- 2x The Warrior Returning Alive |- 1x Thunderspeed Summon |- 1x Double or Nothing! |- 1x The A. Forces |- 2x Noble Arms of Destiny |- 2x Fusion Sword Murasame Blade |- 1x White Veil |- 2x Magnum Shield |- TRAP CARDS (9 cards): |- 1x Kunai with Chain |- 2x Mirror Force |- 1x Pinpoint Guard |- 2x Joker's Wild |- 1x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow |- 2x Court of Cards
|- EXTRA DECK CARDS (15 cards): |- 2x Arcana Knight Joker |- 1x Number C39: Utopia Ray |- 2x Number 39: Utopia |- 1x Comics Hero King Arthur |- 2x Heroic Champion - Excalibur |- 1x Gagaga Cowboy |- 1x Number 39: Utopia Double |- 2x Arcana Extra Joker |- 2x Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights |- 1x Ferocious Flame Swordsman

(I mostly play for fun so this deck does not have the pretension to be competitive)
The deck itself is pretty weak and lacks lots of basic and useful effects, but with cards like White Veil and Noble Arms of Destiny, you can protect your cards against effects
I also add some XYZ monsters, Number 39 Utopia, Heroic Champion Excallibur and Gagaga Cowboy because they are not only easy to summon but their effects are useful to inflict huge damage to your opponent, I also add the Silent Swordsman and its evolution to limit the effects of the opponents magic cards if possible.
I'm open to your suggestions to improve this deck

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2021.09.25 18:14 Li_en PS4 games to buy for PS5

Hi there! First time positing on the sub!
I'm recently obtaining a ps5 and was wondering what games to buy. I know the PS5 has limited games as the moment and understand it's backwards compatible with PS4 games. I'm mainly a PC gamer however I like to play single player games on console (open world, jrpgs, shooters, rougelites) and whatever exclusives for PS4/5.
Dislikes: horrors, turnbase,
So I ask you this what games should I get for my PS5?
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2021.09.25 18:14 Kalimist-_- What type of Kickstarter rewards would be most interesting for a turn-based RPG? (2 min survey)

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2021.09.25 18:14 wmontes23 Any good turnips prices

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2021.09.25 18:14 tambria855 Established company takeover. I need help please.

We have the opportunity to take over a local paving company started in 1987.
There is equipment valued at 160,000. We have the 3 year finacial statements. We have been friends for over 15 years. Actual transfer of ownership price is 120,000. Need 80,00 in start-up costs January 01 2022.
We have 22,000 saved.
I don't know what to write for finacial statement. Credit rating is in the mid 600's. We have no liabilities other than rent hydro food etc. We own outright Ford 2019 truck. One payment cash purchase of 9,000.
Where, How do I get a loan? Have started paperwork with Cdc...
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2021.09.25 18:14 samuelnicholson786 Rant about todays game

Long time lurker here first time poster, I usually stick to ranting in reddevils but people there are so delusional I feel I need to vent here today. My weekend has just been completely ruined by these guys. How can so many of our fans be so blind? I don't get it outplayed by a midtable club at home with one of the best and most expensive squads ever and apparently it has nothing to do with Ole? the man hasn't the slightest clue on how to break teams down, he just sends the players out with no plan and hopes they will produce brilliant play, it's painfully obvious that no combinations in our play are worked on in training, no set runs that players make when another player gets the ball in a certain position. 3 of the last 4 games we have lost and player utterly crap. Only 5 wins in our last 13 games that's appalling. We have Ronaldo one of the best Ariel threats there is and put barley any crosses in.
I am sick and tired of being accused of going mad after a "one off result" no it's not a one off result its happened so many times including losing to Sheffield united and drawing with West Brom two of the worst premier league teams ever. The general play is so bad but results often cover them up, against wolves we were shit and created barley a thing, even against Newcastle we was completely toothless until their keeper made a major error. We have a dream squad and there's no way we shouldn't be playing better than this. No club in the top half of the prem would even consider making Ole their manager its an absolute joke, we are Manchester united we have to be ruthless. All the other top clubs fans know Ole should go and want us to keep him because they know what a force we could be if we had a great manager with this great squad. Also Mcfred has to end neither of them are good enough to be in a Manchester united starting 11 and never will be. Rant over.....for now.....
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2021.09.25 18:14 THELEBANESEROBLOXER If I hear one more TikTok song, I'm going to explode

I am so sick and tired of being in a fever dream of repetitive and looping tiktok songs. They are way too milked beyond space and time. The whole family has tiktok. They are all watching over and over the whole day.
I don't like tiktok, but I don't mind them using it. Just don't keep repeating the same goddamn songs the whole day on loop. This just drives me crazy and makes me A N G R Y. At least use earphones for fuck's sake.
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