Drew a small Bayonetta illustration as a celebration for the upcoming game! More art at a.to.art on IG

2021.09.25 18:02 Mebashi Drew a small Bayonetta illustration as a celebration for the upcoming game! More art at a.to.art on IG

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2021.09.25 18:02 big_macaroons 5 ways to avoid bedbugs while traveling

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2021.09.25 18:02 gotmynamefromcaptcha EOS RP HDR mode takes only JPEG but no RAW option?

So I was on a hike, figured I’d try the camera HDR mode, took a few photos and continued my day shooting. Arrive home to my entire card being full of JPEGs and no RAW files (I normally shoot JPEG+RAW). It looks like HDR mode just switched it to shoot JPEG only and didn’t revert when I went back to normal shooting.
Is it not an option on the RP to retain my preferred formats for this? When I shoot AEB I’m able to keep both formats so why not in HDR mode? Or is there a way to set it up to revert back to RAW+JPEG after. I love editing my RAW files so I was not very happy to find my memory card full of the wrong files.
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2021.09.25 18:02 rampant_cellotaping Word

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2021.09.25 18:02 Yankeh_ [USA-TX] [H] Paypal [W] RTX 3060/Ti, 6600xt

I know the market is not great right now if you have a card at a decent price please pm.
I'm looking for a card around the price between $400 to $500 depending on the model.
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2021.09.25 18:01 Jace9o [Halo] What if The Flood took over Master Chief?

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2021.09.25 18:01 Sadsap101 I have been overly stressed at work to the point I am near tears everyday, I feel like I just vent and complain all the time vs my coworkers who don’t seem to, what can I do to relieve all this stress?

I worry I am going to end up quitting and I am becoming the office complainer.
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2021.09.25 18:01 CASSEDITS_1989 Sexy Pokémon ? Nani?

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2021.09.25 18:01 python111 So, I just swapped my S20+...

I previously had the exynos powered s20+ and now I got the Snapdragon version. I gotta say the difference is huge to me, and is very noticeable and whoever says otherwise is either lying or cannot properly tell the difference. It is much faster and never ever lags, also apps opening and being kept in memory for faster opening is also different than with exynos. I think Samsung has been keeping the exynos community handicapped as opposed to the Snapdragon community. I am saying this for this current s20 lineup and I don't know about the others as I have not had the chance to test them out. Also I probably never will as long as there is an s20+ snapdragon out there for me to buy I will keep buying them lol. The black one is my dream phone and is perfect for me in any sense. Also if someone reads this and has any info: I am using this in Europe and the last update seems to be from May and it shows no updates when I go to Software Update, also it has an unbranded CSC XAA version, is anyone else not yet updated to the newest versions and stuck like me? Is there anything I can do to get the updates like an OTA, I would not risk using ODIN as the phone is working perfectly as is. Thanks :)
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2021.09.25 18:01 Acutalflavor I made some more weapon Keycaps! Hope y'all enjoy :D

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2021.09.25 18:01 themeeb Cat gets wheelchair... That happy run...

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2021.09.25 18:01 superdope3 Made chips for my kids and got mildly shocked (French fries; whatever, you know what I mean)

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2021.09.25 18:01 LJones9615 Why is sweater weather such a great song?

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2021.09.25 18:01 SlamTheMan6 My dreams as a Christian

As the title says, I'm Christian, and a big over thinker, which means my brain stops myself from entering interesting scenarios...
And Bois! I've failed.
So as a Christian I'm taught to save myself for marriage and I'm 100% on it, very strong in this believe. But damn, my dream went crazy lol, basically there's this hot girl tryna explain she wants to have some fun, guys. The first thing that pops off in my head, is this is gonna be on Reddit for when you don't get the hint and mission failed! Nope! She says it again in words I understand, then my brain says stop you're saving yourself for marriage, then I kindly decline her offer... I've never seen a more disgusted face of someone saying no to them lmao, and I walk away... What I'm tryna get at, is that idc of its a dream let ye boi have some fun lmao, but no my brain is wired to say no lol tsk tsk, thought y'all might find this funny xD
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2021.09.25 18:01 Ascles I can't even look at the mirror to see the monster I have become

I miss my younger self. Not having encountered the traumas I have. A happy soul he was. Cheerful and optimistic, enjoying exercise and all kinds of sports, especially basketball and weight lifting. In his ideal weight, 85kg, 187cm. And had the looks to show for it too, a relatively handsome face with a good looking body; a natural result of self-care. Doing well in high school, and then getting accepted into medical school first try. Life was good. Too good.
(TW: mental health, suicide) And then, BAM. You are bipolar, my doctor said. Good to know after having attempted suicide 2 times in the last 2 years. Gotta learn to live with it, while my degrees are falling fast and I am at the verge of dropping out of my dream school. I decided to stand and fight. I am going to be a fucking doctor, I said. I'll get that MD. I am going to finish this school no matter what. Got therapy, read books, and started taking my pills. Doing fine, riding the occasional mood swings of bipolar which used to be a huge problem as anyone can imagine, mood swings that either tell me to end my miserable life or that I am the best and I can achieve anything.
I learned to live with it. Found a sweet spot for the mood stabilizers with my doctor (who's also a professor in my university, and I must say, an amazing doctor) after years of trial and error. But while all this was happening, I started to cope with, you guessed it, food. At first it was no big deal. You know, eating from Burger King and Domino's every once in a while doesn't kill anyone. Right? But over time, that once in a while turned into every other day, which turned into binge eating every single day. Every. Single. Day.
The pills I take are conjugated in the liver, which is a flamboyant way of saying they put my liver under stress. That's fine, livers are self-perpetuating and they can handle a bit of stress. But now there's something we're forgetting. Excess fat also puts the liver under stress. That's when I decided to get an ultrasound. A friend did the imaging during a lunch break and there it was: Grade III steatosis. My liver, basically being crushed under layers of fat. We went outside the hospital and he said "You know where this is going right?". I knew. Non-alcoholic cirrhosis. The point where the liver can't heal itself anymore.
That word echoed in my head for the next couple of nights. Cirrhosis. You are killing yourself. If you go on like this, cirrhosis is imminent. And you are only 24!
I lost 15 kilograms in the next 2 months, dropping from 135 to down to 120. And then, the urge kicked in again. And I could not resist. I started binging again. And again and again. Gained 5 kilograms in 2 weeks. Which brings us to today, me desperately typing these into the void.
I am hopeless, and I am slowly killing myself here at the age of 24. The worst part is, I know what to do, yet after so many failed attempts, I don't know if I can.
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2021.09.25 18:01 XxDelta3EightxX How does coop work?

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2021.09.25 18:01 MRPENNYMISER My pillager outpost farm on SMP

My pillager outpost farm on SMP
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2021.09.25 18:01 franky12321 View from the "Nublet" in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, BC, Canada [OC] [3840x2400]

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2021.09.25 18:01 flexinpo Adept range

Does anyone know how much adept range actually adds in meters? And is there a difference between guns, for example adept range on shayuras would it be 1 meter and hung jury would be 2 meters or something
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2021.09.25 18:01 Justinbadss45 This generation will never know how fun this shit was back then ⭐

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2021.09.25 18:01 gameronice TIL about Barrier Frustration. "Many dogs are reactive and will exhibit aggressive behaviors when they are behind a barrier, such as a gate, fence, crate or car window."

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2021.09.25 18:01 Isabela_duffles [Art] A little half elf I finished some days ago

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2021.09.25 18:01 Somerandomguy_2121 It’s exploration time

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2021.09.25 18:01 DealsCanada Arcanine Poké Plush – 59 In. (back in stock) $584.99

Link: https://www.pokemoncenter.com/en-ca/pro … lush-59-in Retailer: Pokemoncentre
Released 3 days ago and it was sold out until today.
This cost 49,500 yen in Japan.
Link: https://www.pokemoncenter.com/en-ca/pro … lush-59-in
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2021.09.25 18:01 MattTheFlash Kansas City area official who died from COVID was unvaccinated, ‘felt he was immune’

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