Peace out

2021.09.25 16:35 worstwriterever26 Peace out

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2021.09.25 16:35 Madatu514 Short Interest up again another 3,000,000 shares past week.

senseonics pretty cool, short interest jumped another 3,000,0000 shares this past week with over 90,000,000 shares sold short now. Hope we see over 100,000,000+ shares sold short when the FDA 180 day sensor is approved. Short Interest Stock Short Selling Data, Shorts, Stocks: Short Squeeze
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2021.09.25 16:35 equpi_21p Mesprit on me, add 4280 8399 4621

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2021.09.25 16:35 ISpeakTheTruth0nly Daedalus is crap

I wish there was a (unpopular opinion) tag here, but damn this crap is slow.
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2021.09.25 16:35 Haunting-Occasion Kia sportage 2008 engine swap

Hi I've got a kia sportage 2008 with diesel 2.0 crdi 134hp i can get engine serial number if it helps so I've had many issues with this specific engine overheating and making sounds changing many parts its basically not that well made or reliably made after spending lots of money im thinking on getting another diesel engine thats more reliable and worry free if taken good care of like toyota vw group mazda i just need suggestions and guidance on how to proceed in this swapping and for anyone saying sell it and buy another its way cheaper to swap than to buy a new reliable car
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2021.09.25 16:35 anabolicBeatzz Freestyle Type Beat "DEEP IN THOUGHT" | Sad 90's Boom Bap Instrumental Rap Beat

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2021.09.25 16:35 intjmoses I am trying to improve my personality test

Some of the questions are control questions. I really want to get into the unconscious mind and verify the type with the paragraph.
Take 3 deep breaths before answering.

  1. Are you primarily a social Introvert or Extrovert person?
  2. Are you a more Thinking or Feeling person?
  3. Are you a more Intuitive or Sensing person?
  4. How fast do you formulate an opinion on data? quickly or I take a long time.
Your Last Trip
  1. Give 5 sentences about your last trip somewhere.
  1. What types or function results have you gotten on tests?
  2. How do you feel about the results you scored?
  3. What are you like when you are happiest?
  4. When you are very angry with someone, what do you say to them?
Imagine Buying A Car
  1. If for some reason you were to challenge the actual price listed on a used car, what would you say?
  2. If you were buying a car and you were stressed, and a friend asked you what is wrong, what would you say?
  3. If you had to buy a used car from a neighbor, what would you trouble you about buying the car?
  1. Some people hear a critical voice in their head. If you had a voice what would it say? Is this logical, are these things associated, is this fair to everyone, is this right, are the details correct, is this experience associated with that, is this what I know, is this the right path.
  2. Worry can be helpful to keeping things in perspective. What does your worry remind you to consider? Is this logical, are these things associated, is this fair to everyone, is this right, are the details correct, is this experience associated with that, is this what I know, is this the right path.
  3. Everyone has anxiety. Which of these thoughts causes you more anxiety? Being forced to be logical, being forced to associating unrelated things, being forced to being fair to everyone, being forced to an abstract standard of right, being hit with bad details, fear of a bad experience, having to know what you want, not knowing what will happen next.
What do you think?
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2021.09.25 16:35 Mayooniiice How to hide excess led strips that cant be cut? Govee RGBIC 5m when my table is 1.8m

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2021.09.25 16:35 Gats_SpeedyMedic Hmmmm

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2021.09.25 16:35 Nileperch75 The Recovery of the Bald Eagle in the United States

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2021.09.25 16:35 Goat876 BEST GAMES FOR LOW END PC| 2021

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2021.09.25 16:35 ColDesert1 Venda de carro que será usado para obter documentos

Bom dia,
Estou a vender um carro acidentado com uma certa idade e apareceu uma pessoa interessada no veículo. Ele disse-me que tinha um carro igual restaurado mas que não tinha o livrete, por isso ia comprar o meu para o usar para peças e para usar os documentos, depois de trocar as matrículas.
Poderei ter algum problema com isto?
O meu carro passará para o nome dele obviamente.. o que ele faz com o carro não é do meu interesse. No entanto, se ele é descoberto a fazer isto e diz que o comprou assim?
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2021.09.25 16:35 All-Mountain-Rider Eco house in the Cotswold Hills, UK

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2021.09.25 16:35 mirving_17 Tim Stützle will draw way more penalties this year and that is huge

He is bigger and stronger on his skates, should draw way more penalties if he stays on his feet a bit more. If they improve the PP that could be big for them
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2021.09.25 16:35 KryptonianMovement vEMPIRE DDAO Stake now and earn, NFT card game seems cool too. Amazing missions and with nice goals!

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2021.09.25 16:35 team_NITL UK police arrest 39 protesters at the Dover climate blockade. What are your thoughts on the way these protests are shaping up?

The govt is seeking a legal injunction against protestors who blocked the entrance to a busy ferry port to urge authorities to do more against climate change.
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2021.09.25 16:35 Willybud Norway Spruce Trees will Improve Your Landscape

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2021.09.25 16:35 Legend_Snipy Tryue TBH

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2021.09.25 16:35 Ofmoncala I scored after I was KO'd

I was just playing a game as Eldegoss and I encountered what I assume must be a bug. After our team took Zapdos I rushed to the opponent's final goal to score. I had 50 points. I am absolutely sure I had 50, I couldn't pick up more Aeos Energy on the way. The enemy team was grouped up in the tall grass in front of their goal and they were trying to delete me desperately. I used my eject button to push past and get to the goal. Then I started mashing X to score. They got me, but then the game says "What a goal!" and shows I deposited 54 points. I checked after the match and yup I scored 54 points in the final stretch. So I assume what must've happened is that I was knocked out at the same time the scoring animation began and the game used my remaining points after being KO'd to calculate the score. Is there some place to report bugs?
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2021.09.25 16:35 reddit_feed_bot Reason: Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions

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2021.09.25 16:35 alihaidersays People who leave pee stains on the toilet seat after use, why?

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2021.09.25 16:35 mus1calprostitute I need help.

I'm coming on here because I don't want to talk to people in real life.
I have a fair few mental illnesses (depression, c-ptsd, ocd, in the process of a BPD diagnosis and suspected bipolar disorder)
I have a lot of abandonment issues and am constantly afraid that everyone will leave me.
I do something where if I start to get the feeling that friends are getting sick of me I'll deliberately ignore their messages, send dry messages, leave group chats and servers etc etc to test them if they actually care. If they say something I relax. If they don't I'll question them asking them if I've done something wrong and if they hate me. or I just shut down completely. I don't know how to put it into words.
Is this me being manipulative or toxic? Or just being a ridiculously paranoid.
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2021.09.25 16:35 vapo64 Can anyone feed me pics to jerk too or give me joi

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2021.09.25 16:35 dealmein923 Funniest Short Jokes Ever | Vignette #172

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2021.09.25 16:35 zahra1997 Idc who I hurt as long as I'm "happy" lmao.

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