How can I tell if he likes me now?

2021.09.25 16:48 Acceptable-Subject92 How can I tell if he likes me now?

There's this boy at my school that I've liked for almost 2 years and we both ride on the same bus. In the 2020-2021 school year (We're both high schoolers) I talked to him in October I think, it could've be September, and he never made eye contact and was very cold when he talked to me. I always saw how he acted towards his friends and it was completely opposite so I was caught off guard a little. On the last day of school I gave him a letter telling him off and how I felt about the situation. I pretty much insulted him and called him a jerk. That's why I'm confused now (it's the 2021-2022 school year now). I've been catching him looking at me a few times in the school hall and a few days ago on the bus one of his friends was asking another one of his friends if I was "the girl" when I first got on the bus and was looking directly at me. It was really weird. He only rides the bus in the morning by the way. I always see him sitting in the front of the bus across from his friends either talking or playing on his phone. He always sees me walk past him to the backish of the bus. And these past 3 days he sat in the back even though there were open spaces and his friends in the front. I sat in the seat right behind him each time (I always sit in the seat directly behind a person since it feels weird to sit in front of one). Since it's morning, the sun shines on my side of the bus and you can see the person's reflection on the window. I caught him all 3 days angle his head to look at the window by me and right after he did he would have amazing posture (he usually slouches). So I am extremely confused now and I need help understanding this. If you have an opinion or anything please comment.
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2021.09.25 16:48 DeepDiveAnalysis Even the bots love George Lucas Star Wars!

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2021.09.25 16:48 babybabybabybabyblue i think you shouldnt buy a ps5 or a xbox series x until more games release.

Before i got scammed and lost my ps5, i have had one. And the thing that i have noticed is looking into it, kinda simular on a xbox series x. There arent many portovers from last gen to next gen. there are a few ps5 games i had that was actually with the new graphic technologies and framerates. most others were ps4 games I could get on a ps4. So until many games release over time, I wouldn't recommend getting one for inflation prices. Wait out, and the games will release. then you can play many more next gen ported games. and then the price will be right.
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2021.09.25 16:48 nario40 Founder of Skyesports (big Indian TO): "There are bigger opportunities next year, it’s gonna be lit for our region. Can’t reveal more but.... Gear up"

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2021.09.25 16:48 Bitchwithhammer Doggo having a moment

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2021.09.25 16:48 DeweyDonger Game issue after sign in

I have been having an issue with Go for almost a month now. When I open the app it loads in fine but when I get to the warning screen with the OK button I can’t tap the OK button and get into the game. My phone vibrates like Pokémon are appearing but I can’t get past the warning screen. I have tried reinstalling the app multiple times and nothing has fixed it. I tried going on Niantic support but it keeps saying to report issue in game but I can’t do that because I can’t get into the game. I sent a bug report in the sign in trouble section and got an automated response and then haven’t heard anything since. Just wondered if anyone had this similar problem before and had any solutions. Google isn’t helping either.
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2021.09.25 16:48 everydaycarrycom Saturday carry 9/4/2021

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2021.09.25 16:48 HalflingElf In case anyone needed a little recap...

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2021.09.25 16:48 JGalla88 Lowering CC Interest

Both of my cards are 19.9 and I am currently carrying a balance.
AMEX and Canadian Tire.
Anyone have experience getting a lower rate? Looking to pay it down and any help is… help
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2021.09.25 16:48 jwilliams240sx BMW commercial

Is the point of this commercial just to show that BMW owners are a-holes?
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2021.09.25 16:48 Davidlottr [PS4] H: Q and V Fixers W: Outfits, Scrap or plans

Vampires - 25 Aiming Damage / 25 Less Vats cost
Quad - 25% Faster Fire Rate / 90% Reduced Weight
Not steel, wood, leather, cloth
Interested in masks or other outfits
Also after the mirelurk king tube plan
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2021.09.25 16:48 Del-Monte- I hope no one made this joke yet

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2021.09.25 16:48 HoagieMalone Hot rod deluxe knobs aren’t responding and low volume output

I’ve had this hot rod for years and finally tried opening it up and finding out what it’s problem is. The only knobs that respond seem to be the reverb (which cuts on and off randomly), and the drive (which also cuts in and out). I do get sound but it stays at the same low volume even with everything dimed. Trying to do anything I can before taking it to a shop.
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2021.09.25 16:48 KennyHikes 210925 - Radio show 'Talk About' Twitter Update with Honda Hitomi (Compilation)

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2021.09.25 16:48 Sadge_A_Star Nailsmith question

I killed him but his body isn't in the junk put. Am I missing something? I'm on PC.
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2021.09.25 16:48 Distinct-Copy7136 Day 9

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2021.09.25 16:48 YungTeslaXXX Wieso soll man außerorts auf der linken Straßenseite laufen?

Inwiefern macht das Sinn? Zwar kann man selbst leichter reagieren, aber in jeder Kurve muss man fürchten, dass ein Autofahrer, der die Kurve eng nimmt, einen plattmacht. Wird man denn wirklich links so viel leichter gesehen, dass es das Risiko wert ist?
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2021.09.25 16:48 BanePoster69 Für Sie Allen

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2021.09.25 16:48 nem_v_39 Do you think that people who didn't read the Manga notice that the 2001 Anime change when the characters arrive in America?

That's when the 2001 began to diverge from the Manga.
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2021.09.25 16:48 Woodstovia AJPW Triple Crown Champion Jake Lee with Genichiro Tenryu

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2021.09.25 16:48 AdonisCap BEEFCAKE VS KAIDO

In my opinion I think beefcake has a pretty medium chance of winning
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2021.09.25 16:48 ksprzk Looking for tips to get me to love my SSF Dipole

People rave about the dipole. I feel like anyone mentions it there’s comments saying stuff like “it does so much more than filter” etc and people sing it’s praises.
I just haven’t felt that way? Heck even as a filter it seems…ok? Not bad but just ok.
I went through the manual, did the patch suggestions and I just don’t see why people freak about this module.
Anyone have any best practices, tips, patches etc? I want to love my dipole!
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2021.09.25 16:48 LoLoGamer_12 Fan Art ❤ Dúfam, že sa bude páčiť ;D ( Sorry za nos nikdy som nevedel kresliť nosy :P ) Fialova Hlava :D 💜

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2021.09.25 16:48 NcntnKrs This is pure insanity. I just want this Blossom Flux with 1% dropchance but luck is clearly not on my side...

This is pure insanity. I just want this Blossom Flux with 1% dropchance but luck is clearly not on my side...
295 Kills already... I am going to go insane really soon
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2021.09.25 16:48 TheQuietGuyAGU Floof is checking to make sure you're doing OK today.

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