My taxi didn’t pick me up twice, and had the audacity to ask me where I was!

2021.09.25 16:24 qt_31415 My taxi didn’t pick me up twice, and had the audacity to ask me where I was!

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2021.09.25 16:24 awfulreviews20 For those old school metalheads out there

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2021.09.25 16:24 MikNyc Old Video of my dad, volume is extremely low and hazy

Hi! I don't know if this is the right place to post this. I have an hour long mp4 file of my mom's 40th birthday party that was in the late 1990's but was converted to an mp4. This is the only copy I have, and it's the only video of my father that I have, and he passed away a few years back.
The volume on the file is EXTREMELY low and hazy. I have to raise the volume on my mac or phone or TV to full volume to just barely make out the voices and music, just barely being able to hear some of the words being said. Is there any way to try and fix this? If there's somewhere else I should post this please let me know thank you!
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2021.09.25 16:24 wasnevereal What drill? There is no drill.

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2021.09.25 16:24 I_am_the_1_who_knox 57 years later, this one is for you

Let's be honest, this is Reddit, you were born after 1964. You're not in it for the glory. You wondered if this day would ever come.
You saw Treloar snapping his goals. You saw Bontompelli taking his contested marks and kicking truly. Even Tim English was marking his presence ffs.
You saw the Bulldogs control possession after half time. You wondered if this was just the opening of our premiership window for another year, or if it was simply another false dawn. You wondered if the Norm Smith curse was going to ruin your life, just like your parents.
And then it just clicked. We fukken rolled em. We won the grand final, and you'll never take that from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2021.09.25 16:24 feedimo Australia cruise to victory over Argentina to keep unbeaten run going

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2021.09.25 16:24 Socketz11 DYOR (Do Your Own Research) Invest in DYOR and learn how to improve your investments and avoid scams! No more Rugs, honeypots, or scams ever again!

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5% Redistributed, and 5% Added to the LP Holders of DYOR Token will automatically receive rewards with each transaction. 5% of tokens on each transaction get redistributed to holders. This includes the burn wallet. 5% is sent to the Liquidity Pool.
AirDropping Victims DYOR Token gives back to the unfortunate victims of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) scams. 😍 Your wallet may have received an AirDrop from the DYOR team if we determined you invested in a coin that is a rugpull, honeypot, or scam. 🔥 BSC Contract Address 0xbbe0a94f363a52da9229a7546434b6e657a6a78f
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2021.09.25 16:24 ConTheLibrarian I guess he figured all he needed was a cleaver?

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2021.09.25 16:24 Conrad_noble Xperia keyboard

Has anyone managed to get Xperia keyboard to work on the newer devices?
Just setting up my new Xperia 5 iii and I despise the standard Google keyboard.
I'll even consider returning it if I can't get the old style phonepad keyboard
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2021.09.25 16:24 AdeptLavishness2520 Ganzer Ordner Onlyfans von Katja nur für 6€ 🥵🥵 wer interesse hat, kann mich anschreiben. Habe auch noch stuff von Elena, Emmy Russ, Corinna Kopf, celina_x31, Jill Hardener, Amouranth, Nicole, Ramona_jst, therealbrittfit und noch mehr

Ganzer Ordner Onlyfans von Katja nur für 6€ 🥵🥵 wer interesse hat, kann mich anschreiben. Habe auch noch stuff von Elena, Emmy Russ, Corinna Kopf, celina_x31, Jill Hardener, Amouranth, Nicole, Ramona_jst, therealbrittfit und noch mehr submitted by AdeptLavishness2520 to KatjaKrasavicepussy [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 16:24 SmasherX60 Indya Moore

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2021.09.25 16:24 Chikkuri POV you give Qiqi coco milk

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2021.09.25 16:24 hopecoperope1 Am i tho

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2021.09.25 16:24 volatiletwinkie Finally a proud permanent resident of Canada 🇨🇦

What a ride it’s been. The nerves and the anticipation and my own screw ups along the way.
Can’t believe I’m finally posting this here but after 7 long years of being in Canada I am finally a PR.
Here’s my timeline below if it’s any help to someone else and keep pushing and have faith, you’ll get there.
October 21st, 2020: PEI express entry profile created
October 22nd, 2020: Federal express entry profile created
November 19th, 2020: Provincial ITA
November 24th, 2020: Provincial nomination application submitted
February 5th, 2021: Provincial nomination received
February 10th, 2021: Federal ITA
February 13th, 2021: Acknowledgement of application
March 15th, 2021: Medical passed
March 16th, 2021: Biometrics completed
March 16th, 2021: Background check completed
September 19th, 2021 : PR confirmation portal email
September 20th, 2021: PR confirmation portal credentials email
September 20th, 2021 (Later that day): Signed declaration, uploaded photo and address
September 24th, 2021: eCoPR received (address & photo still in review)
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2021.09.25 16:24 nicothemagicwizard Can we stop blaming everything on carbs?

I'm tired of seeing this dumb lie everywhere. Carbs are NOT the problem! It's Omega-6 PUFAs, that can stay in your tissues for years!
Just because quitting carbs made you feel better doesn't mean that carbs are bad. It just means that you either consumed lots of seed oils, or ate lots and lots of PUFAs, and gave yourself insulin resistance. Here's a study showing that soybean and sunflower oil cause insulin resistance
Going around acting like fruits are evil just makes us look dumb, have y'all not considered that MOST healthy people eat lots of carbs? Focus on the actual issue.
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2021.09.25 16:24 LiseEclaire [The Elcy Protocol] - Chapter 24

Available on Amazon!
Out there - Patreon (for all those curious or wanting to support :))
At the Beginning
Previously on The Elcy Protocol…

Returning to the planet felt familiarly different. The descent, the pod, the surrounding equipment—mostly automated devices, power cores, and oxygen tanks—were nearly identical, upgraded with a few backup features. My spacesuit, though, was brand new, laced with a mesh of nano-carbon tubes and strong enough to withstand a shrapnel blast from a proximity grenade. As my first captain liked to say: in the likely event of an explosion, the suit had every chance of remaining intact. I, on the other hand, would likely suffer severe internal damage, possibly cracking a bone or two.
How long will the mission be? I asked Prometheus.
No answer. The science ship hadn’t spoken to me in private ever since my medical test. At first I thought he was just being his usual snobbish self; when mission instructions had started flashing on the walls of the quarantine chamber, however, I knew there was more to it.
“What’s the mission length?” I asked loudly.
“Until your work is done,” came the curt reply, confirming my suspicions. Prometheus either refused to talk with me for some reason or had been ordered not to.
“Any chance I’ll get some rest down there?” I pressed on. Fifteen seconds of waiting later, I decided to let it go.
Leaning against a crate marked Vacuumed Containment Units, I opened the mission briefing notes on my visor display. A detailed map of the site appeared. Marked in orange were the areas I’d have to chip away, wrapped around a grey representation of the dome. In the upper corner of the display, written in bold red letters, stood a warning message: In case of communication breakdown, hit the cobalt surface with measured force and wait until communication is restored. It was almost as if I was staring at a note scribbled down by Sev, leaving me instructions how to fix the power unit back home.
According to the mission notes, the dome was a perfect hemisphere with a radius of approximately one hundred and two point four eight meters. The number seemed unusually specific, so I ran it through a conversion filter to find the prime measure unit. Coincidence or not, the length of the artifact I had extracted fit precisely four hundred and five times in the dome’s radius. After a quick double check, I added a note of my own describing the discovery, then turned off the display.
You’re really stupid, Shiala. I shook my head. I hardly knew the cadet, but I felt he was given so much, only to throw it all away. Being part of a third contact discovery crew, as a cadet no less, was beyond all odds. And that was just the start. Serving on an exploration science ship was an opportunity few had, one that would probably never come around again. The arrogance of youth was a force to be reckoned with. I had seen it so many times before: thousands discharged or demoted for nothing but their own caprice; the polar opposite of what I’d experienced at the academy.
The notion made me think of Alicia and the other recruits of my old group. They had all struggled to be placed on a ship, and half of them had failed. Shiala must have gone through his own trials to get here, and still that hadn’t stopped him from picking the worst option. You were right, Sev. Life is confusing ninety-five percent of the time.
“Elcy!” Ally shouted, flooding my helmet with the sound of enthusiasm. “We’ve charted it all up for you. All you need to do is clean up and record the symbols. Oh, and try to catch them as they appear. There’s a theory that the order might be important as well.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Clearly, she wasn’t shy to demand the impossible. I brought up the dome schematics once more. “Where would you like me to start, ma’am?”
“We’ve marked thirty-eight breach spots,” Major Tanner joined in. “You’re going to clean the area around them in chronological number. No deviations! Am I clear?”
“Perfectly, Major.” I zoomed in on the dome. “There are no markers on the mission map. Do I need an update?”
“You’ll see when you get there,” the man grumbled. “Just follow the instructions this time.”
“Roger, Major.” I closed my eyes. Everything will be by the book.
The descent continued as I went through command’s legal framework regarding ship and cadet discharge. The two sections were pretty much on opposite sides of the spectrum, putting me in the worst possible situation. As a cadet, I had a vast amount of legal protections, but little rights; as a ship, I had functional autonomy, but few protections. During the court martial, an arbitrator would likely be called to determine which was valid. Last time that happened, things hadn’t gone my way.
Going through the maze of legal files and rulings, I came across a reference of something: Retired Ship Legal Errata. Accessing the file was impossible due to external communication restriction, but the summary suggested it contained a corpus of legal precedents linked to other retirees such as myself. I made a note to review it at first availability. Back when I was active, I never considered existence after retirement: no one I knew did. Based on statistics, seventeen-point-two percent of all ships survived to their third captain rotation. Of those, only one-point-three in a thousand managed to reach retirement. At the time I was just starting out, ships also had the legal right to request forced shutdown instead of retirement. The Sentient Advocate Movement had brought an end to the practice with the introduction of the Fleet Heritage Act. From then on, ships were treated as their own entities with all the rights and obligations that came with it. From what I knew, most led a calm and solitary existence, isolating themselves from the universe. If it hadn’t been for Sev, the same would have happened to me.

Prepare for landing!

A warning message covered my visor. Immediately, I jumped up and strapped myself to the corresponding spot on the wall. Twenty-three seconds later, the pod bumped to a halt.
“Thanks for the landing, guys,” I said as the craft’s system performed the final safety check. “Much smoother this time.”
“Just get on with the mission, Elcy,” the major sighed. For a moment, it almost felt as if he were standing right behind me. Taking my cue, I unstrapped, grabbed a spare oxygen container, and left the pod.
A platform of carbon alloy plating carpeted the ground, extending twenty meters in every direction. Eight hours ago, there had been nothing but sand and crystals; now, the entire area had been transformed into a docking site. Four communication arrays rose like pillars, dispersing cables to exos, construction drones, and survey robots as they proceeded to identify and unload the cargo I arrived with. From what I could tell, the most complicated device had the functional intelligence of a semi-autonomous service bot, constantly monitored by Prometheus. For all intents and purposes, I was the most intelligent thing down here, and the only one with a mind of my own.
“Are there any safety procedures I should know about?” I made my way towards the end of the platform, where a set of tracks began, leading to the chamber shaft.
“Nothing for you to worry about,” Major Tanner was quick to reply. “Every precaution has been taken.”
The red flag shone as brightly as a laser beam in a surprise attack. I recognized the phrase; I had used it many times before, always in instances that involved significant danger. Scary how when I was the one saying it, I never gave it much thought.
“Much obliged, sir.” I smiled while replying in order to get the reassuring intonation that made people feel better. Even if everyone else held a higher rank than me, they remained kids—Prometheus included—and kids needed assurances. “Heading to shaft now.”
The trip down was also far more comfortable than before: no dangling on cables or makeshift harness; instead, I took a freight elevator that lowered me underground in sixteen seconds. The underground chamber had been completely hollowed out and transformed into a makeshift exo bay. Rows of power generators and exo docking stations stood along the walls, along with several cable redistribution clusters. From what I could see, there were at least four dozen exos and hundreds of bots moving about. Every last quartz cluster was removed with laser sharp precision and replaced with light cones every ten meters. At the far end, a semi-constructed structure was visible, surrounded by a steel scaffolding.
“Is that where I’ll be staying off duty?” I asked focusing on the building.
“Sleep and food only!” the major said sharply.
“At my age, I doubt I’ll be jumping on my bed, sir.” I couldn’t resist the remark. If I wasn’t in so much trouble already, my response would have been way more risqué. A stuffed chuckle told me that at least Ally caught the joke. “Waiting for my work schedule.”
“No schedule.”
That was surprising.
“You’ll allocate your own time,” Major Tanner added. “I assume you’re experienced enough to manage?”
“Roger that, sir.” At least they were giving me enough freedom to scuttle myself. “Commencing immediately.”
The way down the second shaft was far different than the first. Before I could even proceed, I had to plug a communications cable into my helmet again and get into a proper harness. From there, it was a quick slide to the place I was going to work for the next five days. I thought that the mission map had prepared me for what to expect. I was wrong. Comparing a three-dimensional representation to the reality in front of me was like comparing grapes to watermelons. The space surrounding the dome wasn’t merely cleared, it was as if someone had dropped an iron ball in a bucket of wax and watched it melt a bubble of air around it. Twenty meters separated the dome from the rest of the walls, all perfectly lit up just like the chamber above. This wasn’t the first time I had witnessed ground troop efficiency in action. In the past, however, I’d be watching every part of the process live and left unaware of the actual achievement. Now, for the first time, I saw what it must have felt like for humans: the contrast between states was so large it almost seemed unnatural.
Here goes one for the file. I memorized a picture of the site, placing it in separate memory location. The chances of me sharing or even seeing it were minimal at best, but I felt it was worth the attempt. Looking down, I could see the initial connection point to the dome, seemingly little more than a small patch of bare surface. Large red light-poles covered the quartz crust like needles on a pin cushion, each displaying a number on its top.
“Major, I’ve located the marker,” I said, sliding down towards the one on the very top of the dome. “Any additional instructions?”
“Try not to damage the artifact,” a female voice said. It didn’t sound like anyone I knew. “And be always cautious. There’s no telling what’s underneath.”
“Roger, ma’am.” I took out the specially constructed hammer from the side of my leg. “Starting live feed.”
Chipping through the final centimeters of crust was more difficult than I imagined. In general, the quartz on the planet was fragile, as I’d experienced a few days ago. However, the effects of the top layers being melted had solidified its structure to the point that I needed to land on the dome in order to hit with enough strength. Seven hits were required for me to make the first crack—just left of the marker pole. Twelve more and I managed to loosen up a piece.
“Symbols appear to already be underneath,” I said, focusing on the spot. “It appears to be one of the existing ones, marked as—” I quickly skimmed through the classification in the mission database. “—F eleven.”
“Are you sure?” Ally asked, her voice full of disappointment. “Maybe you weren’t fast enough?”
“There’s only one way to find out, ma’am.” I chipped off another piece. This time it only took me one strike. “Permission to remove the marker?”
“Go ahead,” the major said. It was obvious he was looking forward to this as well.
Planting both feet on the dome, I grabbed hold of the pole with my left hand and pulled. Vibrations ran along my hand, along with the sound of crushed glass. Several moments later, the pole broke off, together with the patch of quartz under it. The inertia pulled me back. My body’s mass found itself to fight the strength exerted, throwing me off.
“Elcy!” several voices shouted through the comm as I swung on the support cables. The pole dropped from my hand as I gripped to find further stability.
“I’m fine,” I quickly said, breaking the chorus of yells. “It’s all fine.” The sound of clanking echoed below. “No damage to dome sustained.” I looked around. “I can confirm there’s a symbol on the very top. It’s not in my catalogue. I’m moving closer to investigate.”
“I really hope you do the rest of your job better,” Major Tanner hissed with a mixture of anger and relief.
“First hit doesn’t count, sir.” I used some ship humor. The major would hardly catch it, but I hoped Prometheus would. “Shall I proceed?”
“Try not to break anything else.”
“No guarantees, sir.” I allowed myself a smile. It was almost as if I was back on the front again.
A small hole had formed on the top of the dome. Slightly larger than my hand, it revealed the shiny cobalt surface, with a single star-like shape on top. Zooming in, I took several pictures, then compared it with all the rest of the symbols in my memory. The characteristics were so different it could be argued I was looking at a completely new set.
“Ally, Major, are you seeing this?” I asked, cautiously striking the edge of the quartz with my hammer. A sliver broke off. “The symbol is unique and vastly different in structure. I suspect it might be a key-point or orientation marker.”
“Unbelievable,” Ally whispered. “This is the first closed symbol. Try pressing it.”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea, ma’am?” I looked at it. The best way to describe it was a roaring triangle that formed the start of a very angular circular saw. Zooming on the edges, I saw new details appear.
Fractals, I thought, and increased the magnification. With each iteration, the design changed slightly. The precision rivaled the architecture of my core, which guaranteed that they were as technologically advanced.
“Elcy!” A short yell echoed in my helmet. The major didn’t sound pleased. “Press the symbol!”
“Sir, analyses of the pattern suggests that—” I began, when suddenly my visor’s zoom reverted to normal.
“Your task is not analysis! Just clean up the thing and do as you’re told. Is that understood?” the Major barked.
“Perfectly, sir.” I pressed the symbol. Seconds passed. “Nothing seems to have happened, sir.” I tried my best to tone down my sarcasm. “Would you like me to press it harder?”
“No one likes a smartass, Elcy.” The tone remained grumpy, but less harsh than a moment ago. “Continue with the cleanup.”
“Aye, sir.” Chipping quartz it is, then. “Maybe Prometheus can perform better analyses? He has a few additional cores he could use.”
“Maybe. Continue recording what you’re doing and be ready for us to jump in.”
“Understood.” I raised my hammer and struck at the edge of the hole.
The work continued with the boring efficiency expected of me. With every strike, I’d uncover a few millimeters more of the cobalt, slowly making my way to the light-pole marked number two. Every few minutes, Ally would make me pause and focus on a symbol I’d uncovered before going silent again. If there was any better indication that my conversations were being monitored, I couldn’t think of one. Normally, that would be Prometheus’ job, but the way everyone reacted, I suspected that the BICEFI shared more than a passing interest in our progress.
Three hours after the unfortunate incident of the light-pole, I had uncovered approximately five-point-six square meters of cobalt. Of the symbols that had become visible, seven were new, with the remaining being duplicates. As far as I could tell, none of them had any fractal properties, which made the star-symbol all that more unusual. Given a chance, I was going to do another zoom of it, though that would have to wait. People were too tense on board, and when people were tense, mistakes were made.
Prometheus, I said, as I kept on working. If you’re not allowed to talk to me, just say it so I can focus on other things.
Look, I just want to know one thing. Tell me that and I’ll leave you alone. At least until I got back aboard. Is Scuu activity suspected?
Where did that come from? The response was spontaneous. We’re nowhere near the Scuu.
If I had an answer to that, I wouldn’t have asked. When they didn’t know what was going on, science ships could be really annoying. I wasn’t on the Scuu front, and right now I don’t have the access to receive info bursts from command. Can you compare the symbols to any Scuu scripts you have? There’s something about the fractal nature of these that makes me think the dome might not be a structure.
Just like that? I increased the strength of my blow, breaking off a larger chunk of crystal. I didn’t think you’d miss an opportunity to prove how inferior battleships are.
I can’t see the symbols! A note of anger crept in among the sea of annoyance. I've been given an active memory block. Until the mission is over the symbols don’t exist for me!
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2021.09.25 16:24 62ndCocktails WIFE PLEASER - Because a happy wife is a happy life...right?

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2021.09.25 16:24 celebzealot Shruti Hassan

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2021.09.25 16:24 cambo2121 When does increasing light level stop being beneficial?

Just curious when I can stop doing bounties.
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2021.09.25 16:24 Different_Monk3146 Who is best matchup with xerath on bottom?

I started playing xerath and my friend wanted to be with me on bottom,he was planning to buy jhin but we're not sure how it will go.He played lux with me and it was so bad so we really don't know who is the best :(((
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2021.09.25 16:24 LUCI_the_king Creepy bully get shaken up

I live really close to a school . I am pretty short and when clean shaven look like a kid in school while being in college . I was hanging out with my gf near the school because she wanted to introduce me to her friend who was in 10th grade in that school. When the school was over the students started coming out and after all students were out I noticed while talking to my gf's friend I noticed a almost 6'5" hunk kid who was bullying a few kids behind me and noticed this was aimed at my gf's friend (ill call her A from now on and the bully ha B ) when we started walking to my house (which is on way to exit of the street ) B was following us while passing remarks on A and me on the way . At a point I stopped an warned him to stop doing whatever he is trying to do . He laughed , called me a kid , hit on my gf and A at the same time and tried th shove me in the shoulder. I dodged it , blow it off give him the Eagle and walk it off . During this altercation he ended up waling in front of us still doing his shitty remarks . I tried to stay bitween him and A as much as possible because he was creeping her out . Now his mistake : he was about 10 ro 15 feet ahead of us and he ran ahead just to stand next to car leaning on it as if trying to imply this is his car . But it wasn't, it was my car standing next to my house and this douce was doing this to impress a girl . Revenge : when I realised what he was trying to do I was grinning in my brain but didn't show to . My gf got what was trying to do and went along with it Tring to act worried and stuff . I walked upto him and told him to shut up in the firm adult voice . He was angry and tried to swing at me but missed . He started talking shit got up from leaning up from my car just to flop is ass on it again (it is an old car with no security system that buzzes) I was angry and walked back 2 steps just to call out to my brother who was playing in the yard. He knew why I was calling him and he did exactly what he does every time he got the key and remotely unlocked the car. B hot spooked so much he jumped and ran across the street we all started laughing while B was growing red by the second he ran to me in order to hit me but 2 years of karate was enough to block him , but he tried to swing at A but my brother walks out the gate who was blessed with all the good genes standing almost 7 feet and carrying a cricket bat in hand to put in the car . B went pale and I am sure I saw his soul leave his body for a moment . B got so bamboozled he ran in the wrong direction just to correct himself and run out from the street . We laughed over this 🤣😂 .
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2021.09.25 16:24 Marjrie Where I can buy Ecowatt?

What is EcoWatt?
The first blockchain project was backed by physical green power assets at a rate of 1 Token backed by a minimum of 1 Watt Power.
You can buy through our platform
Or through
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2021.09.25 16:24 solar_3ruption Duck this

So I spent 7 quid on minecoin but the store on bedrock never ducking loaded so I pretty much just burnt 7 quid
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2021.09.25 16:24 Awesome_Mods Medal of Honor Airborne - Photorealistic Mods

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2021.09.25 16:24 feedimo Anthony Joshua stirred by local clubland memories before Usyk test

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